Posted by: Oklahoma Sun | December 25, 2009

When The Snow Is On The Prairie

When The Snow Is On The Prairie.

Mortimer C. Brown. A Book of Dakota Rhymes, 1889.


WHEN the snow is on the prairie
N’ the drift is in the cut,
An’ life gets a trifle dreary
Joggin’ in the same ole rut,
Nothin’ like a good ole fiddle
Takes the wrinkles out o’ things.
There’s the chirp o’ larks an’ robins
In the twitter ov ‘er strings.

When the whizzin’, roarin’ blizzard
Is a shuttin’ out the day,
An’ the balmy breath o’ summer
Seems a thousand years away,
You kin start the eaves a drippin’
With the tinklin’ of ‘er strings.
You kin hear the water bubblin’
From a dozen dancin’ springs.

Rub the bow across the resin,
Twist the pegs an’ sound your A,
There’ll be bobolinks a clinkin’
When you once begin ter play.
Bees’ll waller in the clover,
Blossoms whisper in the sun,
All the world a runnin’ over
With the sunshine an’ the fun.

Git the gals and boys together,
“Pardners all for a quadrille,”
Cheeks aglow with frosty weather,
Hearts that never felt a chill;
Youth an’ music never weary,
Though they meet in hall or hut—
When the snow is on the prairie
An’ the drift is in the cut.

“Sashy by an’ s’lute yer pardners,
Sashy back an’ how d’ye do!”
Everybody’s feelin’ funny
An’ the fiddle feels it too.
Out o’ doors the storm may sputter,
But within the skies are bright,
Pansies peekin’ out, an’ butter-
Cups a bobbin’ in the light.

0, the joy ov healthful pleasure!
0, the trip ov tireless feet!
While the fiddle fills each measure
With its music soft and sweet;
Glints ov sun the shadows vary,
Though from out the world we’re shut,
When the snow is on the prairie
An’ the drift is in the cut.