Posted by: Oklahoma Sun | December 27, 2009

A Peach is Kansas

A Peach is Kansas.

Ed Blair. Poet Lore, 1915.


SOMETIMES dry and sometimes wet,
So they say o’Kansas;
Both in laws and weather, yet,
She’s a peach, is Kansas.
She can stand the rain or drouth,
Can feel way down in the mouth,
Then start things a-goin’ South,
Any time, can Kansas.

Sometimes corn’s the biggest here,
In the State o’Kansas,
Sometimes it’s the biggest steer,
On the plains o’Kansas.
But if steers ‘nd corn are slack,
She jes’ takes another tack,
Sells alfalfa by the stack,
When it’s dry in Kansas.

Once, when we was needin’ light
In the State o’Kansas,
Gropin’ round in darkest night,
All the folks in Kansas;
Feller got a drill one day,
Bored a hole down through the clay,
Gas jes’ blowed that drill away,
Gas beneath fair Kansas.

Now we’re doin’ pretty well,
Folks who live in Kansas,
Got a little oil to sell,
And some gas in Kansas;
Salt galore to pack the meat,
For the folks who have to eat,
Fellers, it sure is a treat,
Livin’ here in Kansas.