Posted by: Oklahoma Sun | January 19, 2010

Horns and Hair.

Horns and Hair.

Anonymous. Out West Magazine, 1908.


NO more the herd of long-horns
O’er fenceless tracts are driven;
No more the water, grass, and care
To Spanish scrubs are given.

No more the old-time cowboy
On the midnight watch can hear
The darkness-covered Indian
Like a coyote drawing near.

No more great herds go drifting
O’er miles of winter waste,
While the sleet and snow fast drives them,
No grass or weed to taste.

No more the starving calves
On mesquite flats are found;
No more the trampled carcass
Upon the bedding ground.

No more the big spring round-up
O’er the country sweeps,
For each man has his pasture now
And each his own stock keeps.

For some one chanced to figure
That our trouble was in brief—
We raised too much of horns and hair,
And not enough of beef.