Posted by: Oklahoma Sun | January 20, 2010



Frank Bird Linderman. Bunch-Grass and Blue-Joint, 1921.


OL’ man Ogletree is smart
(Got a gizzard fer a heart),
Sez he don’t believe in luck,
Calls it sentimental truck.

Ol’ man Ogletree, ye see,
Owns the “S” an’ “Circle-C.”
Management, he sez, is what
Makes the bet an’ wins the pot.

Ol’ man Ogletree, an’ me,
In the spring of eighty-three,
Rode the grub-line up the trail
To the range on Beaver-tail.

Ol’ man Ogletree was wild,
An’ a father’s only child,
Couldn’t ride a wagon-bed,
Never had a hand ner head;

Wasn’t worth a badger’s hide
Till his daddy up an’ died,
Leavin’ him, alone, ye see,
With the “S” an’ “Circle-C.”