Posted by: Oklahoma Sun | January 22, 2010

Sierran Meadows.

Sierran Meadows.

Harold Symmes. Songs of Yosemite, 1911.


THE Scots may vaunt their highland,
The English praise the lea,
But a green Sierran meadow
Surpasses all for me.

A lake of emerald grasses,
Wind-winnowed ‘neath the blue,
Lush and deep and fragrant,
With snow springs purling through;

Flecked with nodding flowers,
Hyacinth and golden rod,
Lily and evening primrose—
A garden for a god.

And all about, snow summits
My flowering mead enshrine,
While nearer stand battalions
Of solemn, tapering pine.

Aye, vaunt your heathery highland
Or praise the velvet lea,
But oh, this mountain meadow
Surpasses all for me!