Posted by: Oklahoma Sun | January 23, 2010

The Westphalen Sisters.

The Westphalen Sisters.
(Blizzard of 1888)

Anonymous. History and Stories of Nebraska, 1915.


“I CAN walk no further, sister, I am weary, cold and worn;
You go on, for you are stronger; they will find me in the morn.”
And she sank, benumbed and weary, with a sobbing cry of woe,
Dying in the night and tempest; dying in the cruel snow.

“Try to walk a little farther, soon we’ll see the gleaming light,
Let me fold my cloak around you,” but her sister cold and white
With the snowdrift for a pillow, fell in dying sleep’s repose,
While the snow came whirling, sifting, till above her form it rose.

Search in western song and story, and discover if you can,
Braver, grander, nobler action in the history of man;
Than the silent heroism of the child who, in her woe,
Wrapped her cloak about her sister, as she struggled through the snow.