Posted by: Oklahoma Sun | January 26, 2010

Among The Peaks.

Among The Peaks.

Jack Crawford. The Poet Scout, 1889.


OH, gentle breeze, from sunny South,
With scent of fragrant flowers,
Warm again with thy heated breath
These sovereign hills of ours.

Burst forth in every mountain glen
Where streams no longer flow,
With sunny beams from azure sky,
To melt the crusted snow.

And onward from the boisterous sea
Sweep clouds of tepid rain;
Let thunder be thy bugle call
To free our hills again.

And when the distant roll is heard,
Twill set each heart aglow,
For many who have waited long
Will see our streams o’erflow.

Our hearts will greet the smiling sun,
And bless the heavenly rain;
And hope, now dead, will come to life
When spring is here again.

And hardy, honest sons of toil
Will grasp their tools once more;
Hydraulic, drift and sluice again,
As in the days of yore.

And when the summer time has come,
With hearts and mountains free,
Each day a stronger link will forge
To bind our harmony.
Cariboo, B. C.