Posted by: Oklahoma Sun | January 29, 2010

Sunrise On Pike’s Peak.

Sunrise On Pike’s Peak.

Ruby Archer. Little Poems, 1900.


AWAKE, ye hills, and put your glory on!
Look where the heralds of the sun appear,
Bright garbed in rosy vestment, with a spear
Of silver, tipped with gold; and now is drawn
The amber chariot of the mighty sun
O’er yielding masses of enkindled cloud;
And all the mists, with faces pale and cowed,
Flee fearfully before the radiant one.
He cometh! He is here! The heavens sing!
The hills rejoice! The valleys are aglow!
The mumurous winds unto a paean grow,
And echoed beauty lies o’er everything.
Above the sun, a bar of sombre gray
Like to the wall a monastery bounds;
And stringing lightly on in golden rounds
Are brilliant beads where spirit fingers stray.
In dazzling splendor, full-revealed, benign,
The sun-god, robed in royalty divine,
Through ranks of mountains, riding to his own.