Posted by: Oklahoma Sun | February 6, 2010

Where the Flowers Talk.

Where the Flowers Talk.

Cy Warman. Mountain Melodies, 1892.


I WANT to go where the flowers blow
On the mountains high and hoary;
Where the summer winds shake the patient pines
And the sun in its golden glory,
Falls o’er the stream where the ripples gleam;
Where the shores are shoal and sandy.
I want to walk where the flowers talk
On the banks of the Rio Grande.

I love the stills in the running rills—
The willowy rills half hidden
That lie in the lap of the gentle hills—
In the lap of the hills unbidden.
I love the leas where the honey bees
Are making sweets from the clover,
And when I walk where the flowers talk
I just feel good all over.