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The Ranchman’s Invitation.

The Ranchman’s Invitation.

Harry Van Demark. The Texas Magazine, 1911.


WHEN yuh’re in West Texas, now don’t pass me by;
Yuh’ll be tired from yer journey—p’rhaps yuh’ll be dry.
Yuh’ve heard o’ my place—it’s called Blue Devil Ranch;
Just West o’ the Pecos, and right by th’ branch
O’ Wiggletail Creek, and the Zig-Zag Coulee
Is jest to th’ north’ard, not far frum—what say?
Yuh never can miss it! What! Don’t understand?
Well, listen, then, pardner—see here, watch my hand;
We’ll say this is Kioty Station right here;
Jest nudge me—like that—if my meanin’ ain’t clear;
Fer not fer th’ world would I lead yuh astray;
Yuh can’t miss th’ road, fer it’s there plain as day.
Git off at Kioty, then hit th’ north trail
Till yuh come tuh a place they calls Mary’s Vale—
A cute little spot, ‘at’s sot down twixt th’ hills—
Eh? Lord! yuh can’t miss it—yuh’ll see th’ windmills!
Then yuh turn tuh th’ left, an’ cross Little Creek,
Where she winds thro’ gullies, a white, shiny streak,
An’ th’ f’ust thing yuh knows yuh’ll find a cow trail
‘At leads down tuh Windyman’s Gulch. If yuh fail
Tuh find it the f’ust time yuh trys, there’s Bill Yates
What lives near the Gulch—yuh can see his big gates;
He’ll show yuh th’ trail. What! Too far, d’ye say?
Why, man, it ain’t nothin’! Why, I’ve seen th’ day
We’d ride tuh El Paso—that’s three hundred mile—
An’ think it was nothin’, yet folks sweat an’ bile
An’ think twenty mile is a monstrous long ja’nt—
What? Think yuh can’t come? Well, I’m sorry yuh can’t!