Posted by: Oklahoma Sun | February 9, 2010

The Township Lights.

The Township Lights.

Will H. Ogilvie. Fair Girls and Gray Horses, 1899.


WITH laughter and love-spells and witch-eyes of blue
A girl in the township is waiting for you.
There is nothing that thrills like a handclasp of hers,
So bridle your best horse and buckle your spurs;
We’ll wait not for moonlight, but saddle and ride
With the lights of the township our goal and our guide.

There are glasses to empty and yarns to be spun;
There are cards to be handled and coin to be won;
There are light-footed dancers that wait in the hall
For the boys from the station to open the ball,
With its waltzes for wooing and lancers for love
While the lights of the township are dancing above.

The day has been long in the dust and the heat,
But the way will be short with a guerdon so sweet;
The songs of the rover will shorten the miles
That the queen of our fancy makes bright with her smiles;
And stirrup to stirrup we’ll sing as we ride
To the lights of the township that glimmer and guide.

We’ll welcome old faces, our glasses we’ll fill
Till the silver moon drops on the crest of the hill;
The words of our love to the night shall be borne,
Our song to the dawnwind, our laughs to the morn;
We’ll dance till the sunbeams are out in the sky
And the lights of the township gleam faintly and die

The world may despise us, and parsons disprove
That the night is for dancing and drinking and love,
But we’ll saddle our horses and ride to the dance
And drink to the beauty that kills at a glance;
We’ll hold to our loves and we’ll stick to our creed
As long as the lights of the township may lead!