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Song Of The Mess Wagon.

Song Of The Mess Wagon.

Jessie Davies Willdy. Out West Magazine, 1911.


EVENIN’ time, and supper time.
Here’s the camp and the cook.
And there’s water, grass and wood
And a sheltered nook;
Cattle bedded in a draw,
Where the wind blows low;
Horses hobbled out to feed.
Night guards ridin’ slow.
Coffee boilin’ on the coals.
Pot of spuds and stew;
Oven piled with sour-dough bread.
Bacon frying too.
Heap the fire with dry mesquite.
(Haven’t et since noon)
Throw the knives and forks about,
Grab your plate and spoon;
Pitch in, boys, and help yourselves
While the grub is hot;
Pass the can of syrup round,
And fetch the coffee pot:
Throw the rolls of beddin’ down,
Yonder comes the moon,
Four o’clock and breakfast time,
Coming mighty soon!