Posted by: Oklahoma Sun | February 18, 2010

The Dust Of The Overland Trail.

The Dust Of The Overland Trail.

James Barton Adams. A Guidebook to Colorado, 1911.


O’ER the wide-spreading plains rolled the emigrant trains
In the stirring old pioneer days,
When the ripples of heat danced on shimmering feet
‘Neath the summer sun’s quivering blaze,
And the brave light that broke from each valiant eye spoke
Of a courage that never would quail
As the hardy men pressed toward the goal in the West
In the dust of the Overland Trail.

From the day they arose o’er the bluffs that inclose
The historic Missouri’s dark tide,
And the slow-moving trains headed west o’er the plains
There were perils on every side.
With their eyes gleaming hate painted foes lay in wait
In the brush of the gulch and the swale,
But the heroes pressed on for the prize to be won
In the dust of the Overland Trail.

When the snow line so white caught their wondering sight
As a beacon of peace in the skies.
And their joy was untold as the gray schooners rolled
Through the winding Platte’s beautiful vale,
And their lips fashioned jests as they beat from their breasts
The dust of the Overland Trail.