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The Sunset Trail.

The Sunset Trail.

Berton Braley. “Western Ballads”, Songs of the Workaday World, 1915.


OUT along the sunset trail
Life was never dull or stale;
You could allus take a chance,
Where the mountains reached so far
Knockin’ up ag’in a star!
Seems as if I had to go
When the past is callin’ so,
Got to answer to the hail
From the pals I used to know
Out along the sunset trail!

Out along the sunset trail
Life was something new an’ glad,
There weren’t no distinctions pale—
Good was good an’ bad was bad—
(Bad was extry double bad!)
There was women there an’ men
Like we’ll never see again,
Swaggerin’ an’ quick an’ proud,
Loyal, laughin’, rough an’ loud,
Buckin’ any game they played
Like they thought they couldn’t fail.
They weren’t pikers, er afraid,
Out along the sunset trail!

Out along the sunset trail
Life was swift an’ blood was red.
Now them flamin’ days is dead,
Things is quiet-like an’ pale.
Yet I reckon if it came
To a p’int where there was need,
They could play the same old game,
Play it with the same old speed,
They could fight an’ work an’ love,
Like the folk I’m singin’ of;
Women still are women—brave,
Kind an’ tender, to the grave,
Men are big an’ true an’—Male!
Out along the sunset trail!



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