Posted by: Oklahoma Sun | March 3, 2010

Rainy Day In A Cow Camp.

Rainy Day In A Cow Camp.

E. A.  Brininstool. Trail Dust of a Maverick, 1914.


GUSTY sheets o’ rain a-fallin’,
Yellow slickers our attire;
Wet, bedraggled longhorns bawlin’,
Cook a-cussin’ at the fire!
Grub all water-soaked and soggy!
Foreman’s temper all a-flare!
Ev’ry puncher feelin’ groggy;
‘Doby stickin’ ev’rywhere!

Broncs a-standin’, heads a-droopin’,
All their ginger plumb soaked out!
Dumb to all the wrangler’s whoopin’
An’ to ev’ry puncher’s shout.
Saddles sloppy an’ a-slippin’!
Cinches plastered full o’ mud!
Ev’ry ol’ sombrero drippin’!
‘Royos roarin’ with the flood!

Ol’ cow hawss a-slippin’, slidin’,
Up an’ down the slushy hills!
Punchers all humped up a-ridin’,
Ev’ry minute has its thrills!
Wind a-whistlin’; skies a-weepin’,
Slickers flappin’ when we lope!
Rain inside our chaps a-creepin’,
Kinks an’ knots in ev’ry rope!

Ev’rybody blue an’ sour!
Not a sign o’ sun in sight!
Jest a steady, soakin’ shower
When we ride to camp at night!
Blankets sozzled, wet an’ mussy!
Tarps all damp an’ feelin’ strange!
Ev’ry puncher mad an’ cussy!
Hopin’ mornin’ brings a change!