Posted by: Oklahoma Sun | March 11, 2010

Always A Way.

Always A Way.

Whitney Montgomery. Writers and Writings of Texas, 1913.


THE longest drought that ever came was broken with a rain,
And through the darkest rack of clouds the sunlight shone again;
For Nature has a primal law that all things must obey
Though sun may bake, and storm may shake, there’ll always be a way.

I’ve stood with failure face to face, and looked him o’er and o’er,
A dozen times I’ve heard the wolf a-scratching at the door,
I’ve stood upon the slippery brink where Ruin’s chasm lay,
But just before my feet went over there always came a way.

I’m not advising any man to just sit down and wait,
‘Til fortune brings a lump of gold and lays it at his gate;
This world is just a battleground where men must fight to win,
And life will generally give back about what you put in.

But I would give a word of cheer to those who do their best.
To those whom fate has hardly cursed or fortune’s hand caressed,
When ruin stares you in the face, and trouble turns you gray,
Just smile at fate, and work and wait, there’ll always be a way.