Posted by: Oklahoma Sun | March 18, 2010

At The Half-Way House.

At The Half-Way House.

Louis Roller. The Overland Monthly, 1919.


LOST in the dust of the trackless plains,
Only a speck on the prairie there—
Of course on Broadway you might meet
Men more handsome or girls more fair
But give me a whiff of the desert air,
And a quaff of the cooling desert ale
Where the west bound travelers camped at night
At the half-way house on the desert trail.

I would like to stop there once again,
When the west bound caravan hove in view.
To see those long, long wagon trains
When the west was young and the trail was new,
And Oh, I would bid them welcome too,
To every fertile hill and dale
If I could but see them there again,
At the half-way house on the desert trail.