Posted by: Oklahoma Sun | March 23, 2010

The Call Of The Round-Up.

The Call Of The Round-Up.

Jessie Davies Willdy. Out West Magazine, 1912.


WHEN the frost is on the mountain,
And the wind blows on the plain,
And the dry mesquite is droopin’,
For the want of clouds and rain;
When the sunsets burn so hazy,
And the grass is brown again,
And the fine dust blows so lazy,
Close above the cattle-pen;
Then it is I want the spring-time,
Calves a-bawlin’ night and day,
And the brandin’ irons a-heatin’,
For the mavericks and stray;
It just seems so kinda lonesome,
When the camp is shy of men,
And I’ve got a great big longin’
For the round-up days again.