Posted by: Oklahoma Sun | March 24, 2010

Sal And Hiram In Dakoty.

Sal And Hiram In Dakoty.

Will Chamberlain. Songs of the Sioux, 1901.


FIVE year coming next spring,
Me and Sal—tail name’s Doty—
Sed goodbye to York State,
And landed in Dakoty;
Left the train at Aberdeen,
‘Spected to get a singein’
Eny minit by a prairie fire—
Sal she looked for Injun.

Bought a rippin’ quarter-piece,
Breakin’ and sod shack throwd in,
Fer four hundred dollar. Cheap!
Sal sed, “Hiram, it’s a sin
To rob a fellow-mortal so;”
She’d got over bein’ skeered
About massacres an’ cowboys,
Thet she on the start had feared.

Back in Rocky Cross Roads,
Where I was born an’ grow’d up, sir,
Hed to dig a well to get
Dirt to raise a tater.
Fact! An’ plowin’ ‘mong them stun
Ud try a preacher’s learnin’
Tu keep from breakin’ out profane
Tu cool the innerd burnin’.

Yungins healthy here as sunflowers,
Grow like fencin’ willers,
Sound asleep as muskrats
Quick’s they touch their pillers;
An’ Sal spoke jis t’other day,
Said she, “ Hiram Doty,
Don’t you dare to ever sell
Our part of Dakoty.”