Posted by: Oklahoma Sun | March 25, 2010

The Round-Up.

The Round-Up.

J. Edward Hungerford. The Pacific Monthly, 1911.


AIR is gittin’ crisper,
Frost is on the pane;
Wind’s begun to whisper,
Harsh acrost the plain;
Wrangle up yore truck, boys,
No more time fer play;
Wish the outfit luck, boys,
Round-up starts today!

Git a move on, Texas, gosh yore awful slow!
Aint no time fer whangin’ at that darn banjo;
Come alive Mizzouri! ‘lowed you was a cook,
Think yore drawin’ money fer to nurse a novel-book?

Old ki-o-te squallin’
Mournful up the draw;
Skeery calf a-bawlin’
Lonesome fer its ma;
Boys and beef oneasy,
Wind’s begun to bite;
Gonta be some freezy,
Ridin’ herd tonight!

Hi! thar, Arizony, play these critters still;
Git yore mouth-harps workin’, you an’ Tucson Bill;
Sing the herd a song, Butte, ease you’re troubled mind;
What’s the use uh mournin’ ‘bout the gal you left behind.

Snow-drifts in the coulee,
Wind an’ rain an’ hail,
Cattle plumb onruly,
Millin’ up the trail;
Boys dont mind a wettin’,
Home-drives heaps uh fun,
Lordy! Who’d be frettin’
Aint the Round-up done!