Author Title
Adams, James Barton. Bill’s In Trouble.
The Dust Of The Overland Trail.
Adams, M. Ethel. The Call of the Plains.
Allen, Charles Fletcher. A Colorado Philosopher.
Annin, William E. Bill Cody.
Anonymous. Farewell To My Shanty.
Horns and Hair.
The Stockman’s Last Bed.
The Texas Cowboy.
The Westphalen Sisters.
When You’re Throwed.
Archer, Ruby. A Colorado Lodge.
Sunrise On Pike’s Peak.
Ashmun, Margaret. The Vigilantes.
Baird, J. Walter. Lines to an Old Cow-Pony.
Bancroft, Alberta. A Sierra Song.
Creekbed Rides.
Blair, Ed. A Peach is Kansas.
God-Forsaken Kansas, Or The Drouth Of ‘60.
Braley, Berton. Playing The Game.
The Sunset Trail.
Brininstool, E. A. The Cowman’s Loss.
Rainy Day In A Cow Camp.
Brown, Mortimer C. When The Snow Is On The Prairie.
Burdick, Arthur J. The Blessed Appetite.
Carr, Robert V. Sleepin’ Out.
The Bad Lands.
Chamberlain, Will. Sal And Hiram In Dakoty.
Chambers, Robert W. The “Grey Horse Troop.”
Chapman, Arthur. The Indian Police.
The Meeting.
Men In The Rough.
Out Where The West Begins.
Chittenden, William Lawrence. Where the Woodpecker Knocks On the Door.
Clark, Badger. A Bad Half Hour.
The Cowboy and Coyote.
The Westerner.
Coburn, Wallace David. Hidden Treasure Mine.
[Cooke], Rose Terry. Lost On The Prairie.
Coole, Ralph Garnier. Riding At Night.
Corbin, Alice. Pedro Montoya of Arroyo Hondo.
Crawford, Jack. Among The Peaks.
Davies, Mary Carolyn. On A Troop Train.
Dunroy, William Reed Hopper. A Prairie View.
Foley, James W. Ballad of the Rain.
Sunset On The Prairies.
Gibbs, Agnes K. Gibbs Evening On The Ranch.
Goodwin, C.C. The Prospector.
Greer, Hilton R. Song Of The Spur.
Hall, Sharlot M. The Mercy of Nah-Né.
Hagedorn, Hermann. Into the Wilderness, Come!
The Bad Lands.
Hanson, Joseph Mills. The Call of the Wind.
Cowboy Song.
Laramie Trail.
Sergeant Noonan Explains.
Harte, Bret. Dickens in Camp.
What The Engines Said.
Hornaday, William T. The Papago Tank.
Hoyt, Henry M., Jr. The Mountain Stage.
Hungerford, J. Edward. Day-Dreamin’
The Fall Round-Up.
The Round-Up.
J. H. S. A Philosophical Cowboy.
Knibbs, Henry Herbert. Largo.
The Lone Red Rock.
Punchin’ Dough.
Lawson, Henry. Andy’s Gone With Cattle.
Lee, Arthur T. La Muerta De Resaca.
LeNoir, Phil. Siesta Time.
The Puncher Poet.
Lincoln, Elliott C. Forty Below.
The Homesteader.
The Varmint.
Wheel Tracks.
Linderman, Frank Bird. “Git Down an’ Come In.”
To the Coyote.
Mackay, Charles. To The West! To The West!
McGaffey, Ernest. A Prairie Minuet.
A Song Of The Sunset Land.
Millard, Bailey. The Lamore Scoop.
Miller, Freeman. The Plaint of the Tenderfoot.
Mills, Harry E. The Cowboy Poet.
Montgomery, Whitney. Always A Way.
Moodie, M. E. Song Of The West.
Morris, George P. The Prairie On Fire.
Ogilvie, Will H. The Station Brand.
The Township Lights.
Oliver, Katherine Elspeth. Living.
Posey, Alexander. Song Of The Oktahutchee.
Two Clouds.
Prentiss, Charles Egbert. Just Keep On Keepin’ On.
Roller, Louis. At The Half-Way House.
Sheldon, Addison Erwin. A Woman’s Grave.
Before So Many People Built Their Houses In Between.
“Salt Creek Is Riz.”
Stead, Robert J.C. Hustlin’ In My Jeans.
Prairie Born.
The Son Of Marquis Noddle.
Gordon, William Steward. The Old Barlow Road.
Symmes, Harold. Sierran Meadows.
Troyer (tr.), Carlos. Zuni Sunrise Call.
Van Demark, Harry. The Ranchman’s Invitation.
Warman, Cy. Where the Flowers Talk.
Waterman, Nixon. The Empire Ship.
White, William Patterson. The Guardhouse.
Willdy, Jessie Davies. Land of Gold.
Song Of The Mess Wagon.
The Call Of The Round-Up.
Willes, William. Away In Utah’s Valleys.